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Always looking the best for my clients projects, I notice that certifications are more and more in demand. Is being certified a guarantee of quality ? I don’t think so. And you, are you ?

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Want to be part of this adventure ? Want to share you’re project management knowledge (even if you’re not an expert)? You need some advice, tips or may be help on your project ?

Also, If you want a little preview of our next meetup, click on the button below.

Our next meeting

The next meeting will be in Florida. More info to come.

About Me

A short abstract about me. Since 2005, I am project manager specialized in quality assurance. In my spare time I’m also a PMO.

I took part, with success, in all the phases of an IT project (project management, team management, customer relation, invoice management, …) from an agile project to a big complex progam.

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Working on goodies for our 1st meetup …
@Meetup #disruptiveprojectmanagement

The DPM Meetup is looking for speaker. More information here: or here
@Meetup #speaker #ProjectManagement #disruptiveprojectmanagement

The DPM webiste has been updated. There's a lot of new information about our next meetup... #meetup #dpm #sanfrancisco

Check out "Project Management, is there no other options ?" @Eventbrite

Our meetup will be in the SOMA building in SF. Thank you for your hospitality @WeWork . #Meetup #SanFrancisco via @Meetup

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